Sunday, April 26, 2009


Hey every one I just got on to do this for homework. My teacher will be reading this. I will just say a couple dates comeing up and my summer plan
1.May 2- Mud fest with Jeff(maybe)
2.May 8,9,and 10- dog trial to payof my bennelli nova
3. work for jeff all summer (paint decoys, rig decoys, put blind on boat, new floor in boat,wash decoys) Thats about it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hey guys i know its been a long time but o well
Well for one the duck and goose seasons over for now but soon the spring snow hunt will be on.
This season I killed like 11 or 12 ducks we retrieved and like 15 total that i knocked down.
I also introduced a friend of mine in to duck hunting. Of course he fell in love and he ended up haveing his parents buy him his waterfowl gear for christmas early and they ended up spending alot on him. Then Jeff is looking into buying a new boat for hunting he said i should go in with him but we came to a deal i have to get the birds.